Monster Transmission Chevelle Burnout

This Monster Transmission Chevelle Burnout is performed by a beautiful 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle equipped with a 4L65E Monster Transmission performs a killer, tire burnin’ smoke show.
The motor is an 6.0 Liter LQ4 pushing out about 400HP. That’s plenty of power to lay some good rubber! That LQ4 motor is paired up with a Heavy Duty GM Monster 4L65E Transmission that has a modified stock stall speed Thor Torque Converter.
The funniest part of the clip is that it’s literally right in front of a police officer.

Side Note: We do not condone burnouts in front of cop’s.
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Monster Transmission Chevelle Burnout

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One thought on “Monster Transmission Chevelle Burnout

  1. I’ve read some Monster Transmission bad reviews and I am very happy with my transmission. It took a while to get to me because they said there were 150 transmissions ahead of me. Thats crazy cuz thats alot of trasmissions. When i got it 8 months ago it was strong like bull and can still pull my 2015 Coachmen 5th wheel no problem.

    I like Monster Transmission.

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